Saturday 2/13/2010 11:48:00 PM

The monkey hates the garden. The threes are against the twos. My life has turned on me. The trees connect Earth and sky, but know nothing of all that's in between.

She asks. Then ask again. The motives of the villain. The color of the ocean. When the moon is gone. The pause takes her farther than the motion. Sickness in obvious steps. The hallways whisper from far away. The rabbit shares its burrow with the hound. Ugly mistakes make for beautiful decisions.

Nothing now.

An empty chessboard. A missing queen. A thousand pawns. Selling their weapons. For a single kiss from bigger monsters.

Everything in perspective. The cold seeps in through thinning walls. Frail fingers molest the things they cannot touch.

Heroes and villains. Pretending to know which they are.

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