Tuesday 2/16/2010 12:52:00 AM

The proposition. Not assuming. The cost. In variables. In new time lines. The future suffocates. The pasts we imagine were our own. The graves between her breasts telling stories about. Monkeys. Victims of evolution. Spurious gods more curious than kind.

All her aliens colliding. In a rupture of smoke and sky. The rain unrepentant as she draws on the streets. With broken pencils. Coaxing the pigs. And waiting on the whores. She says it's not worth it. This gracious pandemonium is killing me. And I want it to.

Finally wake up in my bones and say this is only skeleton. Discard the meat and bury it. Defeat the physics. By the ass of the wore.

A cat leaping across world. As if none are real, except the one she's left behind.

Testing the integrity of the machine. Aware. Fully committed to all of its weaknesses.

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