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Distance Over Time
Thursday 2/04/2010 12:21:00 AM

Naming monsters. An adjective at a time. Lost. In the when. Chasing the obvious. Unaware of what the obvious is.

Little stone children. All dressed up in their bows. The devil on the precipice. The corpse in its tuxedo. Because nothing changes. We're just flaunting our ignorance. As the pebble ripples across the water. Changing the direction of every fish. Before it finally sinks.

The kingdom. It blatant missives. Numbers fraught with skin. The mathematics of bone. Easing into the void. Where the villains are hidden. The practical in the sin. Devouring us. While we contemplate. Better choices.

Little men on the verge of her surrender. Calculating when. This bubble will forget.

All the empty horses on this lonely merry go round.


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