Sunday 1/03/2010 01:59:00 AM

I worked my way through the snow. A shovel full at a time. Bending down. Lifting. Hurling. In no particular direction. There was nowhere to go, but damned if I wasn't going.

Along the way I lent my eyes to a blind man. My ears to a deaf woman. The rest they took without asking.

When I got them back I could only see what wasn't there. Hear what hadn't been spoken. The rest I don't really remember using.

There were dropped matches everywhere. And dry logs still in the hearth. Silence on the radio too loud for them to hear. I was warm. And I was listening. As if nothing had changed.

I turned off the alarm and let them sleep. Knowing I was the only one awake. The match in her stockings aching for my flint. Ruby lips. All smiles. As the fire finds their frowns.

What I think I see. Is not out there. What I imagine I hear. Was never said. I am the deaf man. and the blind woman. The rest i don't remember.

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