Tuesday 1/05/2010 01:47:00 AM

Dubious prisons. Flaunt severed limbs. It's too cold to wonder. How close we were. The world is particles. And we each some of them. Mailable eddy's in a whirlpool. Breathless wolves. Too hungry to care. About succulent pigs.

Swimming in the straw. Buried in the bricks. She swallows the fairy tale whole.

Pressing random buttons. Pulling on various strings. Going somewhere. In bits of nothing.

Her cloak. Her seldom speculations. Tempering the rush of wind. As the firefly chases its ass. And their blankets dissolve. Into endless winters. I tell her to be patient. But I'm lying again.

I talk to all our gods through the window's glass. And wait for one to answer us.

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