Saturday 12/19/2009 01:03:00 AM

There is no such thing as rain. Only floods we don't drown in. It doesn't snow. It's always a blizzard. And I have to go out there. Test how deep it is. There is no such thing as cold. Just wanting. To know. If it's there.

No waiting for the words already come. Go back. Pick them up. If they can still be found. After the ice has melted.

It's cold. But no one shivers. Alone arrives in torn envelopes. Empty cages. Where the tiger once paced. Aching for that roar.

Of obvious dreams come to accept. The many limitations. Of flesh. Working the wound. To infection. Empty dollhouses spoil the illusion. As I pretend to remember.

Claws on the porch. Angry with the door. Eyes on the window. Blinded by the glass.

Lost. Because it isn't raining.

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