Wednesday 11/04/2009 12:36:00 AM

I was gone again. Empty bedsheets lay behind. To testify. Of the strangers I've encountered when left alone.

The villain straightened his necktie. The hero checked his every pocket. But neither could find. What was left to be saved.

I woke up in the darkness, though clearly it was long since day. Time travel takes its commissions. On heavy skin and fraying bones. I press the button. To stop the alarm, but it's still ringing in my head.

Flirting with the darkness. Dead pens gouge the paper. A hundred years from now. But tonight it's still just an empty page. Little girls on their tiptoes. Trying to see over the big men. So much commotion.

It's the end of the world again.

And I'm there. Or have been. But am still missing it again.

I would go back if I only knew where back was. But this is all I know. Piles of empty skins. Searching for their skeletons. In a sea of broken bones.

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