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Distance Over Time
Sunday 11/01/2009 01:22:00 AM

The barter reason enough. As the callous braves the structure of the skin. In distant feuds attached to many corpses. He was old, but still not old enough. The tremors full on as he dealt with relentless tomorrows. Intent on coming. Regardless of if he wanted them.

The darkness. A manic clairvoyant. With more future than I can stand. He climbs the stairs. As slow as any proverb. Grabbing those wisdom by their asses. Searching for a child in a world full of women. He's lonely. But it's not my fault. He's alone, but so am I.

As the atoms split, so too do they multiply. And we are pieces amongst them. Minor threads. Fiddling with the fabric. As our gods undress.


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