Saturday 11/28/2009 12:32:00 AM

Islands in her way. Turning on their axis. The arithmetic of naked spoiling her logic. Division has never been longer. Fractions never so small. As they are right now. In the belly of this sickly quest to recover from the diseases that make me whole.

Choices turn the time line back on the ghosts. Draping this flesh in phantom skins. I'm gone. I'm transparent and fading. As useless as the wings on a penguin. I'm biting on the wind. As it teases change. That doesn't come. I'm hissing at the cold. As it fails again. To make me forget the sun.

The longer it's gone the more I think about it.

She never understood the mechanics of grief. Just closed her eyes and pressed the button. Hoping for anywhere else. Torn flower petals in the pockets of dead men. For the hopeful to paste back together.

She never tried to quantify the illusion of love. She just closed her eyes and let them inside her.

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