Friday 9/18/2009 12:42:00 AM

Write me a letter. The way you do. Maybe more. Where words are formed. Then sentences. But neither of us understands what is said.

The candle on the cake anticipating a fruitless wish. As the icing softens above the confection of her skin.

Wishes. The universe saves them up. For just such an occasion. When the future is too close to the present. Melting ice cream on the sidewalk. As the equations insist. What I know is not what I think it is. Parallels they whisper as the mosquitoes die against the screen.

The monster under my bed moves to touch the pillow. Swift claws shred the dreams I would've had. The crayon against her knees. Captures her surrender. As she bends over to adjust the settings. On the portal.

The more I leave this world the better.

I began trying to educate this darkness. Now I can only learn from it.

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