Tuesday 9/01/2009 12:35:00 AM

Woke up and it was September again. The leaves beginning to cough. Shy as the buttons are. On these ominous devices. The future comes. Sure enough as the past vanishes. So why. Why do I remember. All these things that I shouldn't. And what god is there to blame. For these portals.

She asked me to let her sleep. And I did. On the condition that she would wake up when the need had subsided. Shallow wading pools. Thick with piss. To entertain the ghosts afraid to swim. Too far from the shore. For us to reach.

Lonely buoys. Spill their cement. Transactions of skin. Pay for little. Take too much on credit.

Closed my eyes to search for November. Winters lost, but not forgotten. Eliminate the weak. Leaving the strong to bury them.

I let her sleep. hoping she'd not wake up. There is killing yourself and there is only wishing you did. I could explain the difference. But there aren't many. And in this situation there are even less.

I could trace the path. From the tear in my panties to the place where men begin. But I think it's asking too much. To want the beast to feel. More than skin. I could ask the lion a thousand times not to hunt. but I'd be better served simply killing it.

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