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Distance Over Time
Friday 8/21/2009 12:13:00 AM

The margin is however near we are. The edge is honed. Trust the circumference of the darkness as it fattens. Let the strays bark, but never feed them. The particles accelerate. As she lean in toward. The missing manuals for this body of mine.

Empty blackboards etched. Certain answers and problems cannot disappear. Chewing on colored the chalk. Like candy canes. The dead decide to let us forget. But I still want to know what solves as x.

the future in broken sentences. writes itself. poor transcriptions of the things we've said. tell us what to say. now that there is nothing left. I never found god. so I just made one up. His heavy made of dirty cinder blocks. And phone number I've long forgotten.

The more I die the better I live. Anemic gods begs for my blood. While I wonder. How they are superior to me.

Love is all thumbs. Fumbling with the delicate order of words and skin. I drop everything. And wait to be caught.


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