Sunday 7/12/2009 12:24:00 AM

I'm coming she called. As we took off toward the storm. Chasing each raindrop. As it seduced the stars.

Fiddling with her buttons. Adjusting her dials. Pieces of the doll. Arranged in the coffin. It's hopeless. It's nothing. The yolk passing between. A broken shell. The how. The engine. Idling. The accelerator. Pressed under her indifference. I'm coming. I'm almost there. Wait for me.

Her skin. Wrinkled pages. Occluding the pen. Her skin. turning. In chapters. Yet to be written. Folding stairs. And empty attics. Solving for zero.

I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm almost there.

Tantrums of flesh chase the puzzle pieces. Blank eyes put them together. So many buttons to press. So many numbers. To satisfy the machine.

I'm coming. Wait for me. I'm getting closer. To the edge. Dead grandmothers. And the wolves in their beds. Fouling my picnic basket. Big eyes. Bigger teeth.

I'm coming. Those big teeth are beginning to make sense. I'm talking to the broken glass. In cracked fortune cookies. I'm coming. I'm getting there. In sinking ships.

Wait for me.

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