Saturday 5/02/2009 01:10:00 AM

Platforms on the pitchfork. Burn the skin brighter still. Little vagaries. Absolve the conundrum. Of absent skin. Working the hours with a sturdy whip. Carving gods from devils' bones.

Spoiled by the storybook. Agile Snow White topples the prince. In fits of dwarfs. With poison apples in their hands.

The villains grow obese. The heroes mutate. Awed by the vein she's left open.

Shotguns in an infant's crib. Accuse the mother. Free the woman.

Liars atop the speeding train. Follow us where we are going. The tunnels save us. Bullets in the baby's brain. Waiting for the sun to shine again.

As I negotiate the constant. With all wolves still intact. The fang. The claw. The little pigs. The mark. Still on the wall. Where once was the clock.

The bird on my windowsill. The liar in my pajamas. The variable. Breathing hard. To keep up with the constant. The answers like raindrops. The question full of holes.

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