Saturday 5/16/2009 12:54:00 AM

Dance she said. Move with me. In ubiquitous tendrils. Of overlapping flesh. As if it matters. How close we've come. To falling moons. Or stubborn skeptics. In a symphony of science.

It's the same numbers in different arrays. Faulty locks in her panties. Letting the wrong ones in. Determined scavengers. Decipher the code. The photograph remains. Though the movie has ended. Dance with me she asked. Make me believe. For just a moment. That it wasn't wasted.

All those back doors I used to let you in. Skipping records. All those demons I dressed in your clothes. To keep them warm for when you'd come back again. The future I had never planned to visit. Playing songs. That get stuck in my head.

The autumn with its falling leaves. Speculating on the outcome. The needle in her skin marking the opening. The map. So many naked veins. Lead her to the source of the blood. The numbers. In humble funerals. The moments play the priest. As her final confession ensues.

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