Thursday 5/07/2009 01:26:00 AM

I awoke the preacher from his bed. To tell him. I had seen god. He wasn't all that impressive. Feeble old man in his rocking chair. Giving stern orders to all the minute molecules responsible for this caustic dance. He never said he knew. Never tried to claim omnipotence. He was just a man. Trying to determine when we were.

Little ribbons on the fingers of the dead. Remind us. Of how. The casket looked empty. Waiting for the history. The pale reason that exemplifies survivors. The ghosts with their rattling chains can't understand the echo. Living skin detonates.

The wood thick. The picnic basket in her clutch. Through the woods. A long journey. Dismissing the obvious. Life. With its million handles to grab. Rolling over. Digging. Digging so deep. To find he dead.

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