Tuesday 4/07/2009 12:45:00 AM

You were close enough she warned. Warm ice above the flame. Melting fingers on the median. As if this road were determining. How the cracks in my windshield are to spread.

The boisterous hail. As time absolves. Men of their mistresses. Women of their hollows. The minutes. Skipping stones. Across an infinite expanse. Not your eternity. But long enough.

Quadrants. Pockets in the skin. Heavy with neanderthals and miscarriages. Places to go. Where the filth of time cannot follow. Soft beds. In the dirt. That cleanse. Sever the hand the from the trigger.

Funneling these heavy skins. Into the names we'll use against each other. When it hurts like it always has. The bombs on its last few seconds. Impervious to the mercy of hidden scars.

All the bullets are friends. All the nurses strangers.

When the enemy is all I know. Will I know when to forget.

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