Sunday 4/26/2009 01:04:00 AM

The hidden variable manifests. In pale dresses. Heavy breasts. Betraying the constant. Causality commits the sin. Entanglement explains it. On a quantum level.

We are all that small. Hopped up on photons. Looking for the portal. As the paradox closes in. Rubbing dirty lamps. Toiling with atoms. Obstinate in their paths.

One big wish. Or three little ones. The genie offered. As I wrestled with the mechanics. Of broken particles. And things too small to see. Shaping our world.

I wish. I wish to know. Everything. And no one. Is there a constant? Or just interminable entanglement? Connection distorted. I vary. We are constant. Explain this discrepancy.

She is the color red. He is green. The universe shuffles them. Which one did you get?

Small. Is what we are. When the math roars. Too confident. Patterns of touch prone the theory. Correlations. Disburse. In random feats. Parables of if. Distance is irrelevant. We are tangled up. Pauses in the same song. We fast forward. Isolating the atoms. That would make us small.

We write to the vultures. The dead ask for graves. And so we dig. The variable is how deep. The constant is for what.

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