Wednesday 4/29/2009 12:19:00 AM

The alien was trying on his cape. Slightly ostentatious. The knight adjusted his codpiece. Butterflies on the lens. As the camera blinked a piece of dirt away from its eye. Skin like nations. Leaders fail it again and again. But war. War makes the us certain. Especially when the war is over.

Little green men. With their wrinkled trousers. Examining the teeth on zippers left open. Adamant mammals with their fingers on the trigger. Arrogant apes designing their god in their own image.

The portals dare come open given enough encouragement. Limbs and breasts rake the furthest margins. Butterflies about to sneeze. Abruptly change the world. Time is a suspect in this crime. But still innocent until guilt is proven.

Bland hallways embark us on our stilted journey. I take the pill. This oblique medicine. Full of sickness. Is all there is to save us.

Tall men. Arbiting the sun. As shadows imprint. Bent down over empty baskets. Leaving the woodsman to his ax. And the witch to her oven.

Candy houses not withstanding.

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