Saturday 4/04/2009 01:49:00 AM

Slow-acting poison charmed the flesh. With images of a world not yet ended. She punctured the tire. Knowing to go was a last resort. She drew on the walls in permanent markers. Hopeful the world would catch up.

Save me a minute. Barter me an hour. Choke the stubborn Spock's. That insist. A starship is required. To stumble upon a rift. In the space-time continuum.

He runs fast. Without his boots on. The amorous captain. Certain there is life somewhere. I took up their challenge. Life on Mars. I went there. A weak moon on my shoulders. I wasn't any different. Except they had to count slower. The light took its time getting there.

Truth be told, I always liked the dark better anyhow. Broken sieves. Trying to catch the pieces that always get through.

Portions she warned. Long wars require longer battle plans. Dead men in her pocket. Searching for the buttons. Woodsmen with their blunt axes. Turning the beast inside out.

To forge the fairy tale. As certain as the broken pencils with which I draw it. Time's impotent deputies struggling against when we are.

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