Sunday 3/22/2009 12:39:00 AM

It was lesson enough. Dresses stuck to thighs. Blank chalkboard. Spreading the calf. In bits of bone too fragile to blame. For the dead. That make the world so small. That I can stand on top of it. Tell my stories like some lost god waiting for his demons to rise.

Accuse. Pale skin and broken bones. Of certain treason.

Wipe my pussy clean she proclaimed. As the field passed over her crotch. I can go there. In bursts of flesh. Burnt candles. Name the brave children. Drowned in this painted ocean.

Give us names the future might understand. Dress in fractions the hours would pretend. Are near enough. To choose. Why we can still hear what no one says.

Put on your gloves. Scape the ice from the windshield. Obey the stop sign on her forehead. Observe the intersection in our grasp.

I was no one. And I still am. But she was loud. She screamed above them. Breaking the ladder in half. Forcing them to crawl up the mountain. Convincing them to ask. Where the light was coming from.

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