Tuesday 3/24/2009 12:14:00 AM

The color of the flame changes. Depending on what you're burning. Pretty girls in their vague callouses. Try to remember how it was to feel. When the colors would turn. Macroscopic prisms withering through the fray of melting skins. The anxious fire. Finds a name for every stray.

Effortless time lines. Manifest in broken letters. Empty pens.

Embrace the nightmare. The black flame under your dress. Go where you want. Reciting the bitter palindromes time scrapes across our hearts. Same devils. Forwards or back.

Say their names. As if you know them. Spoil in the floods they would expel. A blunt of mosquitoes hording on the skin. A brief summer. In a dungeon of winters.

Try on their weakness. Quickly. Insects in the walls. Biting quietly. Only the scars tell us they were there.

The flame flickers again. And I know. Something else is gone.

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