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Distance Over Time
Tuesday 3/03/2009 01:16:00 AM

Darwin with his mask on. Superheroes in our faces. Making us small.

Reset the lag bolt he said. Too matter of fact. Where's my wrench I asked. You'll find it. Just keep looking. It's all there. Waiting for you.

The formula. Grossly misinterpreted. Skin like riverbeds. The future with its plastic eyelashes. Laughing as we make our way there.

The mountain. Ready to crumble. The boots on his feet determined to stand. Familiar reruns. Translate the numbers. Errant atoms make the rest of us timid.

Small crucifixes. Display the men. Heroes. Villains. Thieves. The dead will remember us as they see fit.

The loop breaks. And we are throttled into different versions of ourselves. Touching the mirror. With shaky fingers. Watching the sky fall. In fragments of how.

It could ever be this cold.


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