Friday 1/30/2009 10:52:00 PM

Certainty guesses at her clothes. Naked underneath so many faces. Pills as eye shadow. Semen lipstick. Working the clock. Churning porridge in cold pots. Confident. In the cuts on her wrists. Lightning bolts to at last. Bring the monster to life.

Was chalk. Now is dust. There. On a deaf chalkboard. Murmurs choke. On lost voices. And found blood.

Sandpaper and saws. Earth and sky. Coerce her fingers. To create the shadows. That worship her. She was. Itches of palms and dirty nylons. She was. How high. How far away. Heaven really is.

A button on her breast. To go there. A switch on her thigh to exit. God and Satan both. Groupies at her grave.

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