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Distance Over Time
Sunday 1/04/2009 02:25:00 AM

When I knew how close it didn't seem so far. The jack rabbit with her torn pantyhose. The clock up her ass. Looking for more time in the darkest of places.

I did my research. Velocity divided by momentum. I argued with physicists. About where it starts. Where it might end. The stage. All lit up. For actors on Valium. Sedate me now. Thank me later. For the lies that made it possible. To live another day.

I watched the movie. Twice. Three times. Maybe more. Wet with the various time lines. The primer. The beginning. Raw Popsicle sticks. Me's at every stage. Demanding an explanation. For the chaos.

Leaving the machine on. For something to find myself in. Wires. A pale damnation. For houses no one will live in again.

What could I want to live for except those big windows. those buttons on the machine. I don't know which to push. To go where. The thick glass. That doesn't let me see. How close it is.


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