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Tuesday 11/04/2008 12:35:00 AM

How come... and I'm not asking this rhetorically. How come it's considered patriotic and noble to give your life for your fellow americans? As in military service and war. But for the wealthy to give a little extra tax money to help the less fortunate is evil and unamerican?

Which is easier. Fight and possibly die for your country or pay a few hundred more per year? Which breaks less hearts. Leaves less children fatherless. Our country is currently at war. Young men are dying, but what does the campaign and the public discuss? Those poor, downtrodden folks making 250 thousand and more per year. Aw, they don't want to pay more taxes. The oil changes on those beamers can be pricey. Isn't life so unfair?

Okay. It is rhetorical. I'll tell you why. Cause mostly poor folks serve in the military. It's okay for the poor to sacrifice for their country. Hell, that's why we keep them around.

Obama's tax increase would only apply to the 'haves and the have mores'.

They don't serve their country. Their country serves them.

Are the have not that muches ever going to stand up and change that? Cause, hello! We are the majority. Time to start acting like it.

batona said...
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alcholic poet said...

i don't need saving. this country, on the other hand, does.

i've read 1984. good moral. boring book. i've read atlas shrugged too. didn't like it either. i had read the fountainhead previously and atlas shrugged was the same thing over again with different characters. although, i did kinda like the fountainhead before i found out atlas was so similar. i've also read brave new world. you might want to add that to your reccomended list.

YOU NEED to read up on the differences between socialism and communism.

the majority of europe and scandanavia are socialist. they are still very much free societies. much more free than here. and have been for a lot longer.

you can comment back again, but it's a waste of time. anything you write i will retaliate with something to back up my perspective. so don't bother.

anyway, if you support McCain, which i know you do, i don't want anything to do with you.

batona said...
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batona said...
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RuKsaK said...

I just hope (and it seems pretty sure) you are voting for Obama. He's the one the world would go for and to be honest the world should be allowed votes on this one.

Hermes said...

A creature as simple as a dog knows when it has made a mistake, and won't stick it's nose in the badger hole. Yet this nation is so ridiculously fucking stupid McCain will most likely get elected in. And yet another 4 years for Bush.

alcholic poet said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Obama rocks!

batona, that you derive your political views from a couple of works of fiction i believe says it all.

i don't want to debate with you. i really, really don't like you. if you want to know about socialism and europe/scandanavia go read about it for yourself.

frankly, i don't care what you do or don't know. nor what you believe. we win. you lose. ha ha ha ha ha.

* busy doing my happy dance *

cheers! ruk and hermes.

batona said...
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Hermes said...

Last night was absolutely beautiful, emotional, and historic! I feel calm, almost content... almost, yet so very excited today.


alcholic poet said...

yes, hermes. it's beautiful.

for the first time in my life i'm proud to be an american.

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