Tuesday 11/04/2008 12:35:00 AM

How come... and I'm not asking this rhetorically. How come it's considered patriotic and noble to give your life for your fellow americans? As in military service and war. But for the wealthy to give a little extra tax money to help the less fortunate is evil and unamerican?

Which is easier. Fight and possibly die for your country or pay a few hundred more per year? Which breaks less hearts. Leaves less children fatherless. Our country is currently at war. Young men are dying, but what does the campaign and the public discuss? Those poor, downtrodden folks making 250 thousand and more per year. Aw, they don't want to pay more taxes. The oil changes on those beamers can be pricey. Isn't life so unfair?

Okay. It is rhetorical. I'll tell you why. Cause mostly poor folks serve in the military. It's okay for the poor to sacrifice for their country. Hell, that's why we keep them around.

Obama's tax increase would only apply to the 'haves and the have mores'.

They don't serve their country. Their country serves them.

Are the have not that muches ever going to stand up and change that? Cause, hello! We are the majority. Time to start acting like it.

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