Saturday 11/29/2008 12:39:00 AM

The mouse in the collider. He learned so much. Wine? He asked. We never drink wine together. We don't even look. When the world stops. We just sit on our plastic horses. And wait. For spit from the ejaculation to drown out. All those bends in our throat that threaten to speak about who we were.

I don't like wine she said.

We don't have to build a machine to take us back. I can do it easily. Just wait. Listen. Let me breathe. My bed still remembers the scars you made in it. We don't have to laugh. Pretend it's funny when we know it's not. Just shut up. Let me think. Give the darkness a chance to spread.

The black in my glass coloring our kiss. Contrast. Isn't that what we need. To know the light. To be able to find it. To die. Blind. Like earthworms culled from the soil. Left to dry in the sun.

I'd say it's wrong, but I don't think it is. To embrace the light no matter how harsh. To go to the future knowing your past is gone. I've only lost what was never mine.

Tame the crocdile. Crave its bite.

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