Friday 10/03/2008 01:05:00 AM

Clenching. The shards of windshield in her fist. This puzzle is mine to solve. This blood and skin adhesive enough.

It's not my fault he left the top down.

Time. Like a record skipping. Repeats. Until the needle is taken out of the groove. I'm deaf. Because I don't want to hear. The collusion of skin. Gouges in the material become what it is to us. Each touch a chisel. Carving the stern to suit the grin. Suicides come and go. IN fluid appraisals.

Of the rings on our fingers. Or the lack thereof.

I told him I couldn't wait that long. That his time machine was broken.

The past in a drizzle. The future in thunderstorms.

Alone doesn't suit you. Neither does together.

We could keep counting, but why bother. Now that the world knows us so well.

Sticks to break my bones. Stones to leverage. For pieces of skin I would just as soon forget.

In every breath there is the liar. But now you know where to look.

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