Tuesday 9/09/2008 12:58:00 AM

High enough. Flightless birds tumbling from the nest. She looked just like her father as she sad it didn't matter. Over arrives. In colored parcels. Of melting ice. The dye bleeds. Useless without its skins. The monsters roar. Not so scary without their teeth.

It's just words. Accompliced by skin. Misguided misanthropes erecting unstable Edens. Atoms erupting in relapse at the prospect of recovery. Dead men punching the clock. Trying to stop what can never be.

Fingernails on the chalkboard. Her little dresses. Telling the lies she never would. Assuming the truth would catch up.

Too much faith in atoms. Convinced the past is somewhere still far away from where she's been.

Otherwise why bother. If the her future is men.

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