Monday 8/04/2008 12:32:00 AM

Slow words fishing too long. In empty lakes. The colors were true. It was the bait that lied to us. I've had enough men. To be a woman any man would want. I've been silent. I've been loud. It's all the same. Touch like pantyhose. Tears easily. Leaves too much skin exposed.

Cocky men. Dicks wagging. Frail and obnoxious. Games of sex. Tiny Monopolies. Cheapen was she gave away. And all that she received. In her bed. Reveal the suspects. Pass go. Collect her. Masturbate. Imagine. Someone still wants. What you pretend to give.

Your words. Play money. Make you rich. Buy you nothing.

The old men. Penises in denial. Liars. Sad pricks. Boast. The edges of the woman. Fingertips of dolls. Wolves shouting through mediocre fangs. About how hungry they are.

I'm full of holes. None of which you can fill.

Old men. Virulent proposals. Thirsty dicks. Drink the puss. Dubious infections. Sicken the girl. Strengthen the woman.

Alone. Hopeless. I've been weak enough to recognize it in others.

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