Tuesday 8/19/2008 01:06:00 AM

It was in yesterday that tomorrow became clear. Fundamental ghosts. The attic unprepared for their visit. The election. Time campaigning hard. To move me. The bridge. Frozen in the open positions. All ships able to pass through. No one. Nothing. Capable of crossing it.

I had apples in my basket. Trees I could recall looming in the shade of. Still young enough to assume the fruit would always fall.

Skin. Depth. Long streaks of comic book. Sheets drying in the wind. Thougthless. The clean stolen from them.

The words on the small of her wrist. Minutes counting to nowhere. Nothing. The world. In hungry slurps. Drinking us in. As we were only water. To quench. Its endless thirst.

For people. Excuses. That it should still be here. After all these years of having disappointed us.

Time stops every now and then. No one notices. The skins the world has shed. Or the people who are counting the minutes until it starts again.

Flesh. Calm matador of when. Urge the bull to rush.

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