Monday 7/14/2008 12:27:00 AM

The time machine between her thighs rages. Unfortunate lovers search for their gods. In the glassy eyes of dead poets. Heaven is shaped like a vagina. Purgatory looks like a dick. A leaky faucet dripping with wisdom's it's best not to swallow.

The time machine take her no further than she's ever been. The same stories she heard as child. Monsters she admits. Make the story interesting. If a story is a enough.

It's easy enough to go there. Embrace the physics of the skeleton. Stretches of skin too thin to cover us. We look for people to wear. Or zippers. Teeth at the back of their touch. Bites to blame for all that is missing.

Scratching hard at the freckles on her shins. Reasoning with the time machine. There's nowhere else to go. Except where I've always been. Take me there again. Convince them I never left.

The future between my legs. The past there too. Red. Red catapults. Heave their stones. At busy pigs.

I can show them where the hole is, but it's not something they can fill.

I still wait. For the wolf. To blow my house down.

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