Thursday 6/12/2008 01:17:00 AM

Something like falling asleep. And also like waking up. Trying on the meat. Her underwear red. Her bra too loose. I don't know. Don't want to know. What I haven't seen since this blindness. Mousetraps at the edge of my world killing anything capable of finding the cheese.

I'm over. I'm already done a long time ago. Puppets are left. So to their strings. I can't stop them from making me dance.

Words favor the liars. Actions favor the strong. What am I? Just the lonely branch at the top of the tree. The monkey with the novel in his hand that no one can read.

Where I was. Where I am. Places like carbon. Duplicating. Coins dancing in pockets.

Waiting for time to stop.

Or for someone to notice it still hasn't begun.

I could go anywhere. If I ever bothered to try. I could go anywhere, but it's so hard to leave where I've been.

flysamutha said...

If--jus guessing--the she be thee, then who the I? Does the blind monkey know you got his pronoun?
Anyway, smoov work, Alco-Poe.

emeralda said...

uuh, i forgot why i came here thirsty every day for more.
you kind of... inspire me my dear, because i am dying of unsaid words and unfound ways and unsharpened pencils and minds.

softermaniac said...

i like to switch persons. sometimes i'm her. sometimes i'm i. she could be anyone. not always a person neccesarily. or even a female.

it's hard to tell if your comment, emralda, is insult or praise. no matter. either way. it's very beautiful.

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