Monday 6/23/2008 01:51:00 AM

Maybe next time, she wheezed. As the cum erupted between her legs. All the sounds in her head. Vomiting at once. After a long frat party of men.

It's their cures I find offensive. Seducing the diseases. The banalities of profit. We are cartoons. Their anvils falling on us. We are pop up story books. Grim fairy tales saving ungrateful princesses.

Overwhelmed by the option of giving up. Dormant volcanoes. Their fingers hot with lava. Searching for willing asses.

We weren't even close. To where I thought I wanted to be. The backdoor. Broken bra straps. Calculating. How far we've travelled. How distant it still is.

Just Einstein. A Little bit of Asimov.

The science of thoughts. The robotics of love. As we work ourselves into the puzzle. Brief seizures of touch mislead the enthusiastic. Dying every night only to be born all over again.

I'm not trying to find. Only attempting to prove that it ever was. A few moments here. A few more there. And I am soon enough.

To know I was easy to forget. Pretty child spit out from the throes of choking gods. Swallowed up in the abortions of devils.

Fugues of skin vie to protect the tumor. Lumps at the base of her skull waiting for villains in short supply. Death ignores her. Much the same as life does.

It's strange how that happens.

So often.

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