Wednesday 5/14/2008 12:28:00 AM

Testing the battery she startled at the shock. Of closing the circuit. A small touch. Power. The wince of a skin transcending touch. Charged. Iterated. Exponentially. In a pandemonium of careless motions warring to extract pleasure from the tirelessly hollow endeavors of men.

It is the pulse of America. Beauty. Lust. Indulgence. Imperfections exploited. All bonafide business models. They all want to be save from themselves.

Avoiding the question she trudged on toward the voices. The prohibition dense in her plans for a new world. Life arrives in hiccups. Nervous stutters of then spoil her utopias.

She blames the drugs all brains produce. Loud songs in her head and rumpled sheets beneath her comforter. The regrettable histrionics of flesh based organisms. Accordions of sex wheezing out fragments of men. Love speculating on the wealth of my regret.

Slighted angels blowing their bugles into the ears of deaf men. Describing heavens they've never seen.

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