Friday 5/30/2008 11:28:00 PM

It just is. Meat on the plate. Random. Dead things. For the living to eat. Just chew.

It just is. Nothing supernatural. Bees pollinating. Sperm smashing into eggs.

All religious beliefs are rife with inconsistencies because no singular method can explain that which is random. It has no meaning. Therefore attempting to assign a consistent logic to it results in chaos.

Americans like to throw around the word Karma. Whenever bad things happen to bad people. Or good things happen to good ones. But bad things still happen to good people. And good things happen to bad people. Saying it's Karma is illogical. It doesn't happen on a consistent basis.

Religious folks like to attribute anything inexplicable to god. An omniscient grandad in the sky who has a plan for every second of life for each and every one of the six billion people on our planet. While it's theoretically possible for such vastly superior beings to exist, they would in fact, if they did exist, be just another species. Another life form. Having godlike powers does not a god make. God is humanity's relentless desire to assure itself that it deserves life and all the power that it has come to inherit from millions of years of evolution. Moreover a primitive and flawed rationalization of death.

Strictly speaking god is nothing more than time and circumstance. A collective explosion of genetics and environment that placed us at the top of the food chain on this one small planet. A lonely stone that is surely lost in a universe filled with infinite other organisms on countless other planets. The vast amount of lifeforms that exist on Earth indicate the likelihood of life elsewhere. Or life's inherent ability to adapt itself to and thrive in a diverse range of habitats.

If and when people ever come to understand they are not important. That they do not matter life will be better for everyone. People live just because it is. Life will still matter. Because it does. But no life will matter any more than any other.

Belief will be reserved for things worth believing in.

No one will be born again. No one will have eternal life. Everyone will live. Everyone will die. And it won't matter.

It just is.

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