Saturday 5/03/2008 01:52:00 AM

Big sticks debating what the colors are on her back. When she wears it like a cape. When she finally takes it off. Time the skeleton. Thought the flesh.

He can't wake her, but he tries still the same. Chemicals pretending to know the girl who loves them far too much.

Beginning. Shy strobe lights of skin. Blinking on. In nervous repetitions of touch. I can't feel what I'm holding. My fist has gone numb. I can't grab at what you're flaunting. It's too close for me too even see it.

The time line diverged and she felt herself stranded. In a world not her own. The genie slipped back into its lamp laughing at all the wishes she hadn't realized she'd made.

Lovers. Placid doses of purgatory, Selling out of stock heaven at half price.

Flesh. Cul de Sacs of skin. Anticipating the bulldozers.

Condoms on the floor. Coloring book of faces I've not filled in. Grey outlines. The squeeze of tomorrow demand. The stutter of yesterday still asking. If there is anything left to subtract.

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