Sunday 4/20/2008 12:13:00 AM

We could break. Spoil the egg. Fragments of shell. Like rain. Falling. Not ever landing. Calm Judas in the noose. The suicide absolving practical sins. The whimsy of saviors is cruel. The definition of god too narrow. Crumbles of dead sperm on a warm tongue. Life instigated. In the hash marks of friction. Fusion. Molecular epiphanies wasted on giants.

Waking up. To someone. Not myself. Wanting to remember. The lies that once made it possible to lie again.

Waking up. Wanting to remember.

My life is on the diving board. The pool is empty.

No more moments like the ones we had. The bleak discoveries of hungry skin. That everything is nourishment.

That it doesn't matter at all how it tastes.

All I want is to be fed.

Waking up. Wanting to remember.

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