Tuesday 4/15/2008 12:33:00 AM

Her discussion with the cliff ended abrupt. Missing punctuation. Trying for poetry she ended up trivia. Time not being the constant she had hoped it would. She never got over it. Failed travel devices. Finger painting on every scrap of skin. She'd not already torn away to confirm the meat within.

The future she used to tell him was someplace too easy to get to. To hard to get out of. The future she used to warn him was where they were. Surreptitiously creating their pasts. Everyone thinks we're moving forward. But they're wrong.

But time has a sense of humor.

We're always going backward. Being constantly reassured that it's progress.

We're finding old lovers for the first time. We're smashing these whole heart to find the people we know we once a part of the pieces.

We're lost in extraneous time lines and causing new ones. Going back with the help of commas and adjectives.

To find we've lost nothing.

And have accumulated so much perspective.

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