Tuesday 4/29/2008 11:56:00 PM

Charmless curs on their way to oblivion. Their gods in choker chains. Pets. Nothing more.

Rag dolls in sequin gowns. Rotting stages for thoughtless soliloquies. Shakespeare farts and Bible diarrhea fill this toilet of a country. Say the lie loud enough. Eventually people will begin to believe.

Devils wearing their white wings. Gods with deep pockets.

The choices overwhelm me. Choose liar A or liar B. All the power belongs to the wealthy. Though there are more of us. Sad little children hiding under mother's dress. Fucked hard in the head when daddy comes calling.

The fact that people think they have a choice. Worse yet that they think there is a good one. Raped in the ass or raped in the cunt. Is there a discernible difference?

The idea that people still tout our disappearing freedoms. That soldiers die protecting rights we no longer possess.

Even the right-wing should be angry.

But no one ever is.

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