Sunday 4/27/2008 01:53:00 AM

I was god once. Situated in the heavens. Stark and calm. Bits of midnight like treason. There's no way to be a god. Other than betrayal.

Show me your heaven. I'll show you mine. So many gods to argue with. As if even one were listening. The difference between then and now lost in my definition of why.

What god would knock on my door? Only to run away before I can answer it?

I am god. As much as any human is. Deities created in our image. Never having to die. Never having to look for heaven because it's waiting for us.

Eliminate death and everyone is happy. Eliminate blame and everyone is christian.

I was god once. Before all these blunt Edens began to manifest. I was god and I heard the prayers of women and men. All searching for something that couldn't be found.

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