Monday 3/24/2008 01:07:00 AM

Small people carrying big bags. Short trips that last too long. Waiting for jesus with a hand full of matzo balls. Finding god in unanswered calls. I can only breathe when you're far enough. Neutered tigers show their claws. In long debates where there is no winner. Just adversaries and no one to root for. The cosmetology of people leaves me wondering if that is all we are. Portraits in attics turning ugly. Truths no one sees until the ugly finally catches up with them.

Living as this pale bishop. Next to the king. The queen taken already. We've lost. If the squares are any measure of our hearts. The treble in motion. The bass on pause. Almost as if you were listening when I said what I did. About falling asleep next to someone and waking up to find they had gone.

The only difference between sadness and words is ownership.

I'm rich. I'm fucking wealthy. By those standards.

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