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Distance Over Time
Friday 3/21/2008 12:43:00 AM

Everything is wide. Dilated and blind. Pretty lies I can believe. For now. In the flood of his flesh. I don't mind dying. Slowly.

Birthday presents left for her. Frivilous bows. And cards written in ink. The lie was just the beginning. He strangles me in tiny kisses. Until I'm not there anymore.

Little books. Tell the story of big girls. The men they've chosen. The wolf in the hallway searching for the moon just above his head. If only he could see it. Her underwear like a napkin wiping the crumbs from his lips. In broad smiles.

Loose zippers. Fumbling with dick. Seconds become years. In the scope of riches she sells herself. Love like a bright full moon opens up. To reveal what she's never seen. She finds herself in him. If only for a moment.

I can say his name, but I don't know it.

She leaves her socks on during sex. Because she has ugly toes. Because she can't explain why the beginning is so impatient.

He says she'll be happy as soon as she wants to be. And she still believes him.

After all these years.

This is how she loves him.

Craftsman of light said...

'Love like the full moon rise up'....that's a really beautiful.
A love poem ?? A poem full of love! Whatever it is is generous!
Skin sweating sensual....a dancing of words -- an open door!

alcholic poet said...

i tried anyway.

love as i remember it, i guess.

Craftsman of light said...

It is somewhere in the hard disk of your heart.

Tonight; the moon in the sky gathers her dark children from the shadows.She gives each one on them a cloud to ride upon.
she asks me to tell you that your are beautiful.

alcholic poet said...

as are you.

batona said...

Fuck Emma...

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