Tuesday 3/18/2008 01:09:00 AM

She was looking for herself. The one that was made each time the future occurred. Rows of dominoes raping each other in a lurching vision of progress. There are so many of us, she said to her selves, quite matter of fact. So many time lines to extrapolate.

I used to think I was the unknown factor. Backwards. That's what happens when you travel time.

Too often.

Little changes cascade. Elephants shrink down to mice.

All the hers were talking at once. She couldn't understand herself. No one else was there. And everyone was.

She named the years. Dressed them each in different colors of the same outfits. Then began the arduous process of determining which versions she'd keep.

The trouble with time travel is that you can only go in one direction.

Once you choose - forward or back. There's no changing your mind.

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