Monday 3/10/2008 01:17:00 AM

There is god enough for me in the folds of skin that separate penis and vagina. Too much really. Angels in their broken songs pretend to know failing people. Rubbing their white wings with the bloody rags of broken bones. Silly sacks of skin pedalling too fast on treacherous highways. Red, red lips no one has licked for so long. Darwin laughs from his grave as I attempt a funeral for what he referred to as evolution.

No one was there when I noticed the truth accepting bribes. I had no camera the first time that I saw life bargaining with death. I didn't have a pencil when I saw god for the first time. Big fat liar that he is. A bunch of men playing behind curtains at consoles to complicated. A wolf trying to disguise its fangs.

Severed arms. Red capes. Empty picnic baskets.

Salvation enough.

For the colorblind.

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