Monday 2/04/2008 12:08:00 AM

I was watching this weird french movie. Except that's redundant because all french movies are weird. Smug with sex and violence. The french seem to know more than any other culture that there is wisdom to be derived from self-indulgence. That sex is a mirror for everything else in our life and skin is not just a cover, but more a window than any of the more laudeded organs.

That's not innuendo. It's just crass observation.

True, american movies are full of sex and violence too, but the sex is all covert and deceptive. The french don't cover their sex in bundles of sheets and loud music. They wear their sex right on their faces. It's not that sex is so important, it's just that it is integral to everything we are. Everyone speculates about what separates humans from animals. But I've always known it's sex. Animals are driven by instinct and nature. Animals have sex because nature has designated them to do so. People have sex because it is what we want.

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