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Distance Over Time
Saturday 2/02/2008 01:27:00 AM

Dan at Poetic Justice recently tagged me with a Roar for Powerful Words Award. A meme of sorts passed amongst us creative folks. I want to thank him for including me.

The recipients then have the task of sending the award off to five others as well as stating three reasons they think make writing powerful. The latter doesn't sound difficult, but I'm not sure I know five people.

To be honest I'm really not a fan of memes. I truly appreciate him including me. I do. But memes just seem too similar to chain letters for my liking.

I do however have to take this opportunity to say if I did create such a list of writers for such an award, Lonely Roads & Psycho Paths would be my first choice.

And if I knew for sure what makes writing powerful I wouldn't have to practice so much.

Anonymous said...

It means a lot to me that you'd think of me. I wish there was a way I could convey just how much your opinion matters. I see you as the purest writer I know. There's no clogging, no bullshit, no boxing, no pretense. Your Words are as raw and as real as it gets.

alcholic poet said...

was just letting the thoughts spill. that's really what i thought. you are more than worth mentioning.

me... people often mistake bluntness for honesty. I'm not that honest. just too lazy to not be straightforward.

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