Sunday 2/17/2008 12:25:00 AM

Forgetful Stalins searching for their bus pass. In a world where everything is lost. Take us there. As the stars take the universe a little closer to our grasp. Unreal, yet possible to imagine.

Nervous threads hold the blanket to the floor. Waiting for indications from the absentee gods that those flesh stains aren't contagious. Staying naked like this. Without any skin on. Only seems to prove me wrong. It is a choice. It's just a bad one.

The communists had it right. Take everything in sight. Give all you have. You'll have nothing either way.

All I can want pales in comparison to what is gone. Weighing the dogs. Measuring the drugs. Equations of high make deciding optional. dying a formality amongst so many empty skins.

Turn off the stars. Flip the switch on the moon. Tell the nightnmares to be at the

I remember.


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