Tuesday 1/08/2008 11:56:00 PM

I've been plagiarized. Again. For a crappy poet a lot of people sure like to pretend they've penned what I have. I'd point you at the thief, except the site is gone now. I wrote to wordpress and I guess they deleted it.

I think I took the wrong course of action. I should've revealed to the Internet the location of her thief blog allowing the entirety of said Internet (or at least the few hundred passersby that stumble upon my blog each day) to descend upon her it all their affronted glory. That probably would've been more interesting, gratifying.

This same person has previous stolen Words from Lonely Roads and Psycho Paths and will no doubt return again to steal from others.

I was plagiarized once before (to my knowledge) on some early social networking site called so would you do me. When I informed them of the breach they were far more responsive (read: scared). The user's profile and stolen material was gone within hours of my complaint.

If you're going to steal other people's work at least take the time to date your thefts earlier than the originals. It's common sense, but I guess if these people had any common sense at all they would use their own words and not rape the thoughts of others.

Cause it is rape. That same kinda rape portrayed in after school specials with the girl huddled in the shower unable to cleanse herself. It's a profound violation that should be a big crime, but isn't unless you're a major corporation.

I guess it's my own fault for publishing it is the first place, but is it so much to ask that people just read and enjoy? Is it so strange to think that people could simply relate and not steal? I'm not trying to profit from this site. I'm just sharing the pictures that flood my brain when the windows are dark.

I may or may not be a 'real' writer, depending on your definition, but I do know that writing is a way to connect. A passive, aggressive way I admit, but a way nonetheless to connect with strangers. A pinhole in my bomb shelter thick head. A balance of risks. The hole that let's me see out also enables other's to see in.

If that symbiosis is corrupted we are all alone.

well, if you still feel affronted.. here's her myspace page

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