Saturday 11/17/2007 01:41:00 AM

Sweet sausage tongues conspiring in the vagaries of dismissal. The foolish kittens with loud claw scratch out the exclamation point. She tells the teddy bear to be patient. She'll sew its eyes back on some day. But until then. Try to see without them. Scolding the mountain with chastity belts for which I've long since lost the key.

Strange how we ask those questions like attack dogs. Content with killing what we want and cannot have. New leashes. To choke me. New fences to dig under. Give us splinters for someone else to extract. As if it would matter if I could toss that coin again. Make a new wish.

Pretending I've never asked for anything before. Or been in the position of denying someone happiness.

Blindfold this darkness and sew that smile onto the face of the doll. in maps made of skin. we were never lost. it's not our fault that it's taken life all this time to find us.

it's not our fault the drugs don't listen when we tell them we found ourselves again.

Beautiful irony.

Ironic beauty.

The darkness calculating the sun. In the dense bones of flightless angels.

I never saw it until I stopped looking.

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